Barbra Streisand Brilliantly Lampoons Trump In Parody Of ‘Send In The Clowns’ (VIDEO)

Barbra Streisand is known for her cunning wit so it comes as little surprise that she took the time to re-write the lyrics to Stephen Sondheim’s song “Send in the Clowns” for Hillary Clinton’s fundraiser in New York. The results were brilliant!

She nailed the GOP presidential nominee for being the sneaky, lying, blow-hard that he is. The parody lyrics are sure to make you chuckle.

This funny girl IS funny.

Is he that rich?
Maybe he’s poor?
‘Til he reveals his returns
Who can be sure?
Who needs this clown?

Something’s amiss
I don’t approve
If he were running the free world, where would we move?
Name me a town
Just who is this clown?

And when we thought we’d heard it all
Huffing and puffing about his big fantasy wall
Making his entrance on stage
He just shoots from the hip
He’s full of bull
He’s lost his grip!

And if by chance
He gets to heaven
Even up there he’ll declare
Chapter eleven!
Who’d hire this clown?
This sad vulgar clown
“You’re fired” you clown!

Hillary’s kind
Smart that is clear
While she is giving us hope
Trump is selling us fear
Look how he changes his views
Every time that he speaks
It’s lie after lie
Can’t take eight more weeks!

This is no farce
Maybe he’s broke?
Is this “the art of his deal”
Or some awful joke?
You’ve got to admit
This silly half-wit
Is so full of shit!

This from the same stage where Hillary called out Trump supporters and placed them in a “basket of deplorables.” Ha!

Watch Barbra Streisand call Trump out for his vulgarities in this perfect parody:

Featured image via Getty Images/Jeff Fusco/Stringer

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