Awesome: Watch These Tea Party Idiots Fail Miserably At Explaining Their ‘Outrage’ (VIDEO)

This classic video was taken by a couple of brilliant activists at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on the anniversary of the famous “I have a dream” speech. The video was shot just before Beck was going to take to the podium at the Lincoln memorial in an asinine show of disrespect for Martin Luther King Jr, his family, his people, the Civil Rights Movement and the dignity of America.

As they move through the crowd, they find some of the Tea Party’s finest: a couple with a combined IQ in the area of 105. Old folks who learned everything they need to know about Islam on 9/11. The woman who swears she heard on the news that Obama made it illegal to pray at the monuments.

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The recurring theme is how as Americans we’ve lost our freedoms. We’ve had them whittled away by a fascist, communist, socialist dictator of a black man. The man Beck called a racist, though nobody seems to remember that.

Sadly, the only change in the Tea Party is their numbers, which have dwindled pathetically in the past couple of years.

Watch these morons make fools of themselves at a Tea Party rally in D.C. in the video below:

Featured image via screen capture

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