Arby’s Thanks Jon Stewart For ‘Being A Friend’ In An Epic Must-Watch Commercial (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart’s ride is up on The Daily Show tonight, and we are all very sad about it. Many people have expressed their grief over the comedian’s departure from late night television, but none of them have been quite as funny as Arby’s restaurant.

If you are a Daily Show fan, then you know about the longtime beef (no pun intended) that Stewart has had with the fast food restaurant. He often rags on them for their processed meat sandwiches, but it’s always in good fun. Some people have even speculated that Jon Stewart is a paid advertiser for them, but that has never been verified and if he is, he’s been the most insulting spokesman EVER.

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When Stewart announced his retirement in February, Arby’s offered him a job in a hilarious tweet:

Now, Arby’s has released a mash-up of Stewart’s many, many mentions of the restaurant on his show and it is both hilarious and sweet.

Clearly, we are not the only ones who are going to miss him. It’s always funny when you think about how so many of us have gotten our political news from Jon on Comedy Central, because he was one of the few people who ever gave it to us straight. Yeah, the guy on the comedy channel was more trustworthy than the news channel.

We’ll miss you, Jon.

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