Anonymous Hacks Trump’s Phone, Changes His Personal Greeting To Something Hilarious (AUDIO)

Donald Trump’s outgoing cellphone greeting used to be just as ridiculous as his campaign rhetoric, because it was filled with it. “We will make America Great Again,” the staple of the Trump political era, was front and center. His boisterous voice conjuring the image of a lunatic with tiny hands and a bad combover, the minute-long message was as typical as can be.

That all changed when, as reported by US Uncut, hackers from the same troll community that spawned anonymous and probably members of the group itself reportedly hacked into Trump’s phone, changed the outgoing personal greeting and sent the voicemails to Gawker for public ridicule.

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The voicemails weren’t very scandalous. They show what everyone already knows: Donald Trump is an East Side elitist who cozies up to whoever he needs to to advance his agenda for the day. Included were messages from David Axelrod, Tom Brady, Don King and others who spoke in what Gawker calls ” a friendly and familiar manner.”

There are some other exchanges with MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, as well as others on the political spectrum seemingly conducting official business. The bottom line is, while pretty funny, there really isn’t much to scold Trump for. What will go down in history, however, is the new personal greeting in Trump’s voicemail. Recorded using an impression of Shaggy from Scooby Doo, 4chan and/or Anonymous did a wonderful job of giving us all a good laugh:

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