Amy Schumer’s Birth Control Video Is An Inconvenient Truth Bomb (VIDEO)

Amy Schumer hilariously showcases the ridiculousness of some of the GOP’s suggestions and legislation on birth control. (If only all those legislating would stop having sex and reproducing–you know, taking their own medicine–we might have something…)

In this most recent video, she parodies how one might go about asking all the “parties involved” (whom, of course, are not actually involved at all… nope, not at all) if birth control, or even sex itself, might be right for her. I am not going to say much because I don’t want to spoil the beautifully catastrophic social message. Make sure you watch the video all the way to the end. All the way to the end.

Watch her subject herself to asking permission from her doctor, to politicians, to random people on the street if her own personal choices are right for her.

Because in the end, it’s all about choices, freedom, personal liberties and our rights under the Constitution.


Featured image is a screen shot from the video above.

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