America’s IRISH President – Barack Obama (VIDEO)

Much has been said about aspects of President Barack Obama’s heritage. Much has been said about his Hawaiian background. Much has been said about his Kenyan background. Much has even been said about his time in Indonesia, Chicago, and New York. But not much has been said about his IRISH background.

Yes, it’s true. The President has Irish blood and it was proven back in 2007 when  Stephen Neill, an Anglican pastor, did some research and found the President’s roots did go back to the Emerald Isle.  Of course you won’t hear this from the GOP or Tea People. As we all know, there are some still clinging to the notion that Obama is not even an American. So to admit to his Irish heritage would be pure blasphemy to the radical right wing here in America. Heads would explode. They refuse to think of our President as anything but a foreign infiltrator who somehow in the womb came up with a conspiracy to seize the White House and impose Sharia Law. The idea that his background is more in line with many European immigrants is simply a bridge too far for them.

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But it’s true. According to Neill, who worked with’s Megan Smolenyak, their chief family historian, Obama’s Irish family hails from Moneygall, Ireland. The President is part of the “Kearney” family.  According to pieced together records, A Kearney sailed to New York aboard the S.S. Marmion at a time when many Irish were leaving their famine-stricken island.  He made a life in America, and his family line eventually produced Ann Durham, who was born in Kansas, according to

Durham married a Kenyan, also named Barack Obama, who was studying in Hawaii, and in 1961 they had a son. The rest, as they say, is history.

Obama celebrates with his ancestral cousins at a pub. Credit:

Obama celebrates with his ancestral cousins at a pub. Credit: WJLA

If you really want to explore President Obama’s Irish roots,, a website that specializes in British and Irish family historical tracking, has traced the President’s family all the way back to his 6th great great grandfather back in 1698. This makes the President not only Irish, but downright Gaelic.

For the rest of you who don’t need to explore all that, just enjoy the 2 videos below. One is a song in tribute to our Irish President from 2012 by the Corrigan Brothers that will certainly get you into an Irish / St Patty’s Day spirit. The 2nd is a past visit by the President with Irish Ambassador and Steeler Owner, Dan Rooney, to the tiny village of Moneygall, population 298.

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