Always The Victim, Ann Coulter Says Roast Performance Fail Is ALL Comedy Central’s Fault (VIDEO)

In case you haven’t heard, Ann Coulter appeared on Comedy Central’s latest celebrity roast on Monday. It was supposed to be a roast of Rob Lowe, but as it turned out, Ann Coulter became the roastee of the evening as every celebrity there, including openly conservative Peyton Manning, ripped her and everything she stands for to shreds.

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You can watch part of Ann’s cringe-worthy performance here:

In an interview with TMZ Live on Tuesday, Coulter claimed that it’s Comedy Central’s fault that she did so horribly saying that they “edited” it to make her look unfunny. Ann admits that they wrote jokes for her, but that they were “too blue” and “not me.” So, she decided to consult a few of her “friends” for help, which is obviously code for, “I wrote them myself.”

Here are some of Comedy Central’s jokes that Ann refused to use:

“I have to say, Rob, it’s nice to finally not be the most hated person in the room.”

“Peyton Manning [a fellow roaster on the show] is a model citizen and his forehead is a model for the wall that Trump’s going to put between the U.S. and Mexico.”

“Ralph Macchio’s [another roaster] first ever credit was in the movie ‘Up the Academy,’ playing a character called Chooch Bambalazi. Are you serious? Even Donald Trump thinks it’s too racist to call a wop Chooch Bambalazi.”

“That would be like if Jeff Ross’ first credit was a character named Mosha Gefilte Fish Streisand Ziegmillianberg. And before you ask, Jeff, I wouldn’t f*ck you with Hillary Clinton’s d*ck.”

“Rob Lowe is like America: He hasn’t been great since Reagan was president and unemployment is becoming more and more of a problem for him.”

“Giving you a roast is the worst decision Comedy Central’s made since they replaced Jon Stewart with a South African child. That’s a Trevor Noah joke, the one immigrant I’m most excited to see deported. Am I white, people? Am I white?”

Based on Ann’s performance in the clip above, she probably should have taken a note from her giant orange leader, “What do you have to lose?” and used the jokes the writers at Comedy Central suggested, but no… Instead, she bombed HARD, but it’s not her fault. Nothing is ever her fault and everyone is out to get her.

Watch her interview with TMZ Live below:

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