Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL To SLAM Trump And His SHAMEFUL 2nd Week In Office (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin has been absent from SNL for the last couple of episodes, which has been disappointing considering all the material at his fingertips, but not to worry! He returned last night as President Idiot Donald Trump, and his performance was well worth the wait!

In the cold open, we find Trump sitting at his desk trying to find something to do to calm himself down after such a long “hard week.” He’s understandably worked up — after all, he just ruined the lives of millions of Muslims, humiliated himself speaking of Arnold Swarzenneger’s ratings on the Apprentice (a show from which he himself was fired) during a White House morning prayer breakfast, and he also managed to start an international incident with Australia. And that’s just scratching the surface!

He asks his assistant, David, if his daughter Ivanka has left for the day (she’s the one who keeps him from doing anything crazy, Trump says). David tells him yes – she and Jared Kushner don’t work on Shabbat. Trump is thrilled with that answer and exclaims:

“Perfect! When the Jews are away, the boys will play! Send in Steve Bannon!”

Steve Bannon, dressed as some kind of Grim Reaper looking monster, then joins Trump in his office and suggests that it might be fun to call Australia — you know — to show them who’s boss.

Trump likes this idea, and proceeds to call Australia, which went much like the REAL call to Australia — obviously, SNL thought the real life incident was too much to satirize. Not quite finished yet, he then called Mexico and spoke to President Enrique Peña Nieto, who once again, made Trump look like a giant orange ass. (This call was also probably very close to reality — we are seeing a trend here.) But, the best part of all was when Bannon suggested Trump call a smaller country — one he could kick around. Trump decided on Zimbabwe, which didn’t go quite as little Donny expected.

You’ll LOVE this!! Watch the full video below:

Featured image via video screenshot

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