Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL As A Terrified Trump In Over His Head: ‘Google…What Is ISIS?’ (VIDEO)

After taking a week off after the election, Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live to reprise his role as Donald Trump. Only this time, instead of the arrogant and blustering Trump that he normally portrays, this Trump is terrified and very overwhelmed with the expectations ahead of him as president.

Kate McKinnon is also back, but in this sketch, she appears as a clearly regretful Kellyanne Conway, who at one point wishes she had a time machine.

After reading Trump the one positive tweet that Kellyanne could find (from David Duke) in response to Trump’s cabinet picks Trump says:

“Kellyanne, can I say something? I just want to thank you for all you’ve done. I wouldn’t be President without you.”

“I think about that every day,” Kellyanne remorsefully responds.”

After meeting with the Chairman of his Joint Chiefs of Staff about his big top secret plan to kill ISIS, Trump is reduced to asking Google what Isis actually is. When he receives 59 million results, he panics and has to repeat to himself the mantra, “Big Beautiful Boobs and Buildings,” several times in order to calm down.

Baldwin’s Trump goes on to meet with several government officials, including Mitt Romney played by Jason Sudeikis, which is a hilarious moment that you can’t miss.

This SNL cold open with Baldwin as Trump might be the best one yet, and mainly because it’s probably pretty close to Trump’s new reality.

Watch Alec Baldwin’s Trump unravel before your eyes here:

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