Alec Baldwin HUMILIATES Donald Trump In His Best SNL Perfomance To Date (VIDEO)

Kicking off its 42nd season, Saturday Night Live brilliantly mocked the first presidential debate and it was hilarious. With Kate McKinnon reprising her role as Hillary Clinton, SNL cast Alec Baldwin as her crazy unhinged opponent Donald Trump in an epic debate face-off.

The SNL writers probably had a cake day writing this skit. Between the meme-worthy Hillary Clinton shoulder shimmy and Donald Trump’s toddler-like behavior, it seems the writers didn’t have to look further than the actual debate for unlimited comical material.

Baldwin took to the stage with Trump’s signature trout pout and perfectly combed over hair, looking every bit the part. Right off the bat, he was able to capture Trump’s overblown ego and cockiness with his spot on impersonation.

“I am going to be so good tonight. I am going to be so calm and so presidential that all of you watching are going to cream your jeans.”

From the incessant sniffing, the numerous times he interrupted Clinton and even down to the ridiculous way he pronounces ” Chi-na,” Baldwin’s performance was so spot on it was borderline frightening.

Watch the SNL skit below:

Featured image via screen cap

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