Al Sharpton Makes Fun Of Donald Trump’s INSANELY BAD Black Approval Rating On SNL (VIDEO)

Once again, Saturday Night Live took aim at the Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump in a skit featuring Kenan Thompson as Al Sharpton alongside his guest, fake statistical analyst Charles Richards played by the real Al Sharpton.

During the skit, Richards couldn’t help but poke a little fun at his alter-ego’s retro appearance.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I expected you to be a little skinnier,” Sharpton-as-Richards told Thompson-as-Sharpton. “I know you worked really hard to lose all that weight. It’s a shame to see that you seemed to have gained it back.

SNL Sharpton hits Richards back with a zinger.

Frankly, Charles, I like myself this way,” Thompson-as-Sharpton replied. “People say I look younger.

While discussing the Presidential Candidates, SNL Sharpton mentioned Richard’s new “Al-Gore-rhythm,” known as the Black Approval Rating Scale. The Scale assessed candidates’ popularity within the black community on a scale from zero to ten.

Hillary Clinton scored the highest with a 7.2 score. Both SNL Sharpton and Richards agreed this was due to her husband, Bill Clinton, “despite recent outbursts, is beloved in the African-American community.”

Oh, absolutely,” Thompson-as-Sharpton agreed. “Bill Clinton could walk into the BET Awards afterparty, sit at Rihanna’s table, and order up a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese and everybody would say, ‘That seems right.’

And of course, occupying the low end of the scale was Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump, who according to Richards, “has a negative approval rating of -1,048, but that could go down.”

SNL Sharpton agreed, stating, “Black people should never trust a white person whose hair is more processed than theirs.”

Check out the full skit below.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.

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