A Sexy, Ample Lady On A Stripper Pole Proves: ‘Skinny Women Don’t Have Nothin’ On Me’ (VIDEO)

When comedian Loni Love was doing a stint as a guest DJ on the Ellen Show last year, she likely got more than she bargained for. Ellen sent her to take pole dancing lessons.

Love has the gift of comfort with her body

That’s an assignment that would make most women balk, particularly knowing their learning process was going to be videotaped. However, Love doesn’t seem to have a wallflower gene in her body. As a matter of fact, she has a gift for moving with an ease that shows how comfortable she is with herself, physically.

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As an amply-sized woman, Love is a great role model for those of us — likely most of us — who are self-conscious about the way we look and the way we move, regardless of size. She has no problem poking gentle fun at herself or comically pushing another woman off her pole with the ironic epitaph of “Skinny!” hurled after her.

From the moment Love slowly wipes down her pole until the moment she triumphantly finishes a duo dance with the teacher, she’s sensuously in control — of the pole, of her body, of her ability to laugh. The only hesitation she shows is when she’s instructed to slide down with the pole at her back and end up doing the splits on the floor.

But she does it. And the second time she slides to the floor, Love declares:

Ta-da! Skinny women don’t have nothin’ on me!

The comedian’s attitude won’t tolerate defeat

And she’s absolutely right, because she has an attitude that won’t tolerate defeat. There is nothing the instructor asks her to do that she doesn’t end up tackling with gusto — from whipping her hair as she snakes and slides around the pole, to twerking her butt.

True, Love has been a standup comedian for a long time. She entered that world in 2003, after leaving a career as an electrical engineer behind. And true, it takes a lot of assurance to make it as a comedian who is suddenly all over the place — on television, in movies, and even authoring a book. Nevertheless, the woman is an inspiration.

Watch the video here:

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