5 Seconds Of Obama’s BuzzFeed Video You Can Use To End Any GOPers Silly ‘Argument’

Thanks Obama.

The popular conservative mantra turned liberal joke has spread like wildfire. Across the world of social media everything from lower gas prices to unfortunate pimples have been met with what will go down in history as one of the best tag-lines ever created.

“Just found out I have genital warts.  Thanks Obama.”

“Somebody stole my little sister’s pretty princess bike.  Thanks Obama.”

“An asteroid will come within a million miles of Earth in 2016.  Thanks Obama.”

No, I don’t have sources for these quotes.  They are some of the best I’ve seen on my timeline since the joke’s inception.

One of my favorite uses was a recent speech the President gave where he mentioned lower gas prices. Someone in the crowd yells, “Thanks Obama!”

The President gives a short chuckle and says, “You’re welcome.”

Conservatives who believed for years that the President’s daily schedule started with “have breakfast, set gas prices” were of course outraged that the President took credit for low gas prices, because outrage is what they do.

This video, which is a glorious poke at the imbeciles who criticize the President no matter what he does, is a short segment from his recent BuzzFeed video that you can use to end an argument the next time your conservative friend brings up birth certificates or BENGHAZI!

 Featured Image: Screen capture from YouTube

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