14-Year-Old Girl’s EPIC Sex Ed Quiz Answers Got Her Suspended From School

Two years ago, Imgur user dogsandcatsandlemursohmy‘s sister was suspended for her answers on a sex education quiz regarding objections to condom use. “My then 14 year old sister got suspended for submitting these answers for her sex-ed class,” she wrote. “I’m so proud of her.”

Since it was initially posted last week, an image of the quiz has taken the internet by storm. It has been shared around Reddit and numerous other locations on social media — and why not? It’s quite possibly the most epic thing you’ll see this week!

Students were asked to write their responses (from a list of lettered answers) beside a series of objections to the use of condoms during sex, but this young rebel did not feel that the preset answers were sufficient for the situation — so she added her own.


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For instance, if a girl tells a boy that she’s “on the pill,” the appropriate response would be, “I don’t want AIDS.”

According to this teen, if someone says they are “clean” and “don’t have AIDS,” the right thing to say is “go f*ck yourself.”

“Condoms don’t feel good. It won’t be natural” would prompt a response of “Getting pregnant doesn’t feel good, either.” And she’s right — it’s nine months of agony.

If a guy would “be embarrassed to use one,” this amazing teen would tell him, “Look at all the f*cks I give!”

Are condoms “gross” and “messy?” Well, she would just remind the guy, “So are babies.” — and it’s absolutely true.

Perhaps the best response this teen provided was to the objection, “I don’t have a condom with me.” Her response? “I don’t have my vagina with me.”

Sure, her answers were a bit crass, and she certainly ignored the instructions on the assignment, but at least she understands the importance of condom use. Could she have taken a different approach? Probably — but her point was made splendidly, and she will certainly never be a pushover when someone tries to make excuses.

This girl did not deserve to be suspended. If anything, she deserves a medal.

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