WI Becomes 25th Right-To-Work State: 5 Reasons Why RTW States Are TERRIBLE

Gov. Walker compares unions to terrorists and then signs away workers’ rights.

Yesterday, Wisconsin became the 25th right-to-work (RTW) state in the U.S. after Gov. Scott Walker signed the bill into law. While unions have what some would perceive as flaws, they absolutely were created for employees by employees to uphold rights and fair practice by business owners.

Our great-grandparents fought so hard to gain rights for employees across the nation. They shed blood to form unions and often sacrificed their own paychecks when a business treated it’s employees unfairly, for the benefit of a brighter tomorrow.

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So when Gov. College Dropout compares unions to terrorists it just really strikes me as ironic, since he’s the one who will now be allowing business owners to “terrorize” their employees with dismal work practices, the near-constant fear of job loss, and unlivable wages, but hey, Republicans work too, and if this is what they consider success, let them see for themselves how utterly wrong they are for voting Walker in and allowing him to ruin their state.

True, some think unions have their flaws, and people who vote against their own interests certainly hate when unions donate to democrat’s campaigns (you know, the party who doesn’t try to dismantle rights for employees), some think the dues are unfair, others speculate unions inspire laziness and that RTW inspires a freer market. Whatever negative opinion one may hold against unions, it’s still fair to say, RTW is a whole different kind of employee screwing.

Living in a RTW state myself (AZ), I can assure Wisco residents in favor of the law, that the grass is not any greener on this side of the fence. In fact, the grass downright sucks over here and a good majority of employers in this state are stinky turds on that crappy lawn.

5 reasons why living in a right-to-work state bites:

5. Lower wages: “Oh, you like being paid fairly for your time and effort? That’s cute. Joe over there will do it for a buck an hour less and though he’s not as good as you, he saves me money, so you’re fired!”

“You want a raise? The answer is no.”

“I don’t care if you’ve been here for 15 years, I can train that other guy over there for half the price of your labor to do the same job.”

See, oftentimes putting the power in the hands of a business takes away competitive wages. A union will absolutely guarantee a person is paid fairly and has certain benefits, and non-union businesses in those states have to compete with that, which drives their wages up and encourages them to also offer benefits packages. Removing the power from the unions means businesses aren’t competing as much for your labor. Your labor has become devalued, because if workers don’t stick together, there is always that guy willing to do the same job for much less.

4. Fired without a reason: Republicans like to b*tch endlessly that it’s too hard to fire a union worker, and it is harder to fire a union worker, but that’s good for the worker because they aren’t subject to the whims of one person on top. They are given chances to save their job and have recourse if they feel they were fired unfairly. See, while there may be a lazy class of people who are terrible at their jobs, most Americans do want to perform well for their company.

Now, say in your RTW state that you want to take a vacation and your company doesn’t offer vacation time. Even if you request the time off well in advance, your job is not guaranteed to be there when you return.

Say you have a bad day at work and make a mistake, in a RTW state, you can easily be fired for any transgression, this puts more stress on a worker, essentially disqualifying them as human beings who sometimes make errors, and expecting them to perform like a robot. Job stress leads to illness.

Are you part of the LGBT community? If your bigoted employer finds out, you’re fired without explanation. The scenarios in which personal lives can simply cause the wrong boss to dislike you are endless, and since your employer no longer has to give a reason, your chances of winning a discrimination lawsuit or virtually zero.

3. Hard to inspire change: Not every business in a RTW state is out to screw their employees, but when your life is subject to the whims of an employer it’s hard to take a calculated risk like filing a grievance or asking for a raise. So instead of a business listening to legitimate grievances from employees, they may be ignoring or unwittingly shutting down employees that could inspire positive change within a company. And if employees have unvoiced grievances, it could be driving the customer base away, because disgruntled employees give ho-hum service.

2. Less Benefits: Paid time off, vacation time and pay, sick leave, and insurances for employees don’t have to be offered. Studies show Americans are overworked, more stressed and depressed than other developed nations because our time and lives are undervalued in corporate America.

1. Bad for the economy: While RTW may inspire businesses to move into a state, the law doesn’t necessarily mean that businesses will be successful. All the reasons listed here as to why RTW states suck add up to one major problem — the law hurts the economy.

If an employee isn’t paid fairer wages, then consumer confidence starts to plummet. Employees whose wages aren’t supplemented with life insurance plans and other insurances are less likely to save enough for retirement, and when businesses try to work their employees at the federal minimum wage level so they can keep more of their profits, that employee lives off of aid and assistance.

So, while business may be booming, and the one percent are getting filthy rich because they aren’t competing with union wages, the residents are becoming poorer and poorer. And joblessness isn’t any better in RTW, Arizona, for example, is well above the national average at 6.6 percent unemployment.

Everything on this list depends on the employer, and certainly there are good job experiences to be had in RTW states — not all corporations treat their employees this way — but it is a reality among the most poorly-run businesses and there are plenty of them willing to get rich on the backs of their employees while giving very little in return.

And if, say, you happen to be in Wisconsin, and you voted for Gov. Dropout and you’re happy that WI is now RTW don’t ever forget this moment you’re in, because in about a decade, you’ll be looking around at empty shells of buildings where businesses used to be and you’ll be wondering what happened in your state, and then I want you to remember that time that Gov. Walker sold out your future.

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