The Truth About Black-On-Black Crime

Rudy Giuliani recently made the statement that “93% of all blacks [killed] are killed by other blacks.” While the context of the argument, that white police officers are needed to keep blacks from killing each other, shows just what an ignorant buffoon Giuliani is, the statistic is unfortunately very true.

What Giuliani and the other “we’re better than them” racists don’t seem to understand is the underlying cause of the fact they love to tout as proof that all black people are thugs.

Violent crimes happen most often in poverty-stricken inner city neighborhoods. Poverty leads to desperation and crime. Generations of desperation and crime lead to a culture. That culture is evident not only in the ghettos of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, but also in the trailer parks of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

83% of all whites killed are killed by other whites.

Whites are also responsible for the most heinous of murders. 37% of whites killed are women. White parents are responsible for more child-abuse murders than any other race. The majority of mass shooters and serial killers are white.

Why, then, do people like Giuliani point their fingers at the black community and cry foul over statistics that are very close to those of other races?

Racism, bigotry and hate.

It’s easy to forget the socioeconomic issues that face inner city black culture. Ignorance makes people blind to a few simple facts:

  • Until the 13th amendment, a black person could be owned by another person, and under our own Constitution counted as 3/5ths of a human being.
  • The abolition of slavery didn’t come with a prize, it came with uncertainty. Millions of people were given the freedom to start new lives, but those new lives began with nothing.
  • Until the civil rights movement, black people were segregated and discriminated against on the most basic of human rights, including education.
  • The civil rights movement gave blacks “equality” under the law, but in no way did it erase racism and discrimination.

150 years of social and economic isolation aimed at a race that had nothing but the shirts on their backs when they were freed; hundreds of thousands died from disease and starvation immediately following the civil war — blacks did what they had to do to survive, migrating to large cities where the only hope of an income lived.

The encampments and shanty towns they created turned into the ghettos of today. Bigots like to say “slavery has been over for a century and a half, get over it.” It’s not that simple. White people have been here going on 500 years, taking what they want and making up the rules as they go. Blacks were their property and had no say in the shaping of a nation.

They were forced to survive any way they could, and survive they did. Next time someone tells you black people should just “get over it,” ask them what their family was doing in 1863.

Considering the epicenters of racism in this country, the answer will probably be “fighting for the South.”

Image: Andrew J. Russell/Medford Historical Society Collection/CORBIS

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