What This 9-Year-Old Is Doing Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity (PHOTO GALLERY)

Portland’s homeless have a new champion, and he’s only 9-Years-Old.


Dusty is your typical 9-year-old boy, with a very big heart, who lives in Portland, Oregon. When he asked his parents to help create an outreach program for the Homeless, they said yes and Dusty’s Sacks of Hope was born. Funded entirely with private donations, Dusty’s Sacks of Hope has served over 700 meals, replaced vandalized shelters for the homeless and distributed jackets and sweaters. All of this was possible because Dusty, a boy perhaps too young to know the magnitude of what his help means, wanted to feed the hungry.

Here is a message sent out by Jenny, Dustin’s very proud mom:

My name is Jenny. My nine year old son, Dustin, has asked us to help him create a homeless outreach program. We have. It’s called Dusty’s sacks of hope. For the past 6 weeks we have been preparing a sack lunch or home cooked meal for 120-150 every Sunday. We have provided over 700 meals for the needy. We have also been able to give out clothing, jackets, blankets, tarps and toiletries. We operate entirely on private donations.

I was wondering if you might be able to help us get some publicity by sharing our program on your page, or anything to help us. Dustin is such a great kid. He wants to one day be able to open an all in one shelter where we can provide shelter, food, and perhaps job training and medical care. I would really like to help him reach his dream. If you can help us that would be fantastic.

Thank you for your time.

Regards, Jenny

The Dusty’s Sack’s of Hope Facebook page is full of pictures and stories from the distribution of food and goods. They also have a Twitter account, @SacksOfHopePDX. There is also their GoFundMe account, which is where you come in. This little boy was able to see a need, and with our help, he is stepping up to help fill that need. In a country where some cities have made feeding homeless people illegal, this is yet another case of children doing it better than adults.

It is obvious that Dusty’s parents not only have a son to be proud of, but that they are pretty awesome people too. Because this program is a lot of work and takes a lot of compassion to continue, because donations are necessary for Dusty to continue helping people, please donate to this cause. Donating is especially if you know where your next meal is coming from, and even more so if you have never had to wonder.

Feature image via Dusty’s Sacks of Hope Facebook page



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