‘We Beat It 2 Death LOL HAHAHA!’: Cute Dog Found Beaten To Death With Awful Note (VIDEO)

On Saturday, the owners of a missing dog received a horrific revelation as to their beloved pet’s whereabouts. “Foxx,” a 13-year-old pomeranian, went missing on Friday after his owner’s girlfriend took the animal outside to go to the bathroom while she cooked dinner.

“He usually came back in two minutes, tops,” Verline Barthelemy told the Sun Sentinel Tuesday. “I called for him and I didn’t hear anything. He’d always come back.”

But Foxx never came back inside.

The next morning, Foxx turned up — but not in any way remotely similar to how his owner had hoped. Ronald Boisvert, the dog’s owner, says a “frantic” neighbor discovered his pet outside the building. Doctors at Saint Francis Animal Hospital determined that the dog had sustained multiple fractures.  The tiny, seven-pound canine’s injuries were very severe:

Doctors at Saint Francis Animal Hospital examined the dog and found that he had sustained multiple fractures. “According to the veterinarian, these injuries are consistent with blunt force trauma,” police said in a statement.

Barthelemy, reading from the veterinarian report, told the Sun Sentinel that Foxx’s stomach was “displaced” and that his jaw, spine and ribs were fractured. “I’m hoping that after the first hit, he was already gone and didn’t feel what came next,” she told the paper.

Veterinarian Ron Ridge told the Associated Press that the dog, who was missing teeth and had ten broken ribs, was likely kicked to death. As terrible as Foxx’s injuries are, the note that was left with his lifeless body makes this horrific attack all the more awful. According to a media release from the Pembroke Pines Police Department, a handwritten note read: “WE BEAT IT 2 Death lol! (smiley face) HAHAHA!”


Picture via Local 10 News

“He didn’t deserve to be beaten to death,” Barthelemy said of the murdered pet. “I’m hoping that after the first hit, he was already gone and didn’t feel what came next.” She describes the dog as “very friendly,” and says that “everybody loved Foxx.”

“By all accounts it looks like the dog was beaten to death and because of that, the fact that they left a note and the [contents of the] note that was left, that’s alarming and that’s something we want to investigate,” Major Carlos Bermudez said during a press conference. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case like this in the city,” he said, calling the loss of Foxx to senseless violence “a tragic and sad event.”

Police have not revealed if there is a suspect, but Bermudez says that it must have been someone who knows the family:

It has to be someone that knows the pet belongs to these individuals. As far as why they did what they did, I can’t speculate.

Barthelemy says that Foxx’s demise has caused her to change how she lives in her own home. She is afraid to allow her and Boisvert’s four-year-old son to play in the backyard anymore. Instead, they take him to a more well-populated park to play. “It’s scary,” she said. “I’m concerned about who may be around. I’m glad this is getting exposure so people won’t be hurt, but I’m afraid I’ll be targeted.”

Bermudez says that there has been an “outcry from the public,” with reward offers pouring in:

There are so many animal lovers and dog lovers out there, that there’s gonna be people that take this very seriously and are gonna show great concern for it. As far as getting tips to lead us in a direction as to what happened in this case, we have not received that yet as far as I know.

However, he clarified that this is an isolated incident, and that the general public has nothing to fear.

“We don’t have any evidence to believe that there have been other animals killed or tortured in this fashion in our city,” Bermudez said. “The residents can rest assured that right now, they can let their pets out and walk them without any fear of someone going out there and trying to harm their animals. We don’t have any evidence to believe there is a serial animal beater in our city.”

Watch a report about the despicable animal cruelty below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAImBdvi_J8&w=640&h=360]

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