Watch This 91-Year-Old Vet Leave You Speechless On Healthcare (VIDEO)

Hypocrisy and Baracknophobia are pretty much the only things Republicans get done these days in Washington. Pretend presidential candidate Tea-publican Ted Cruz once read “Green Eggs & Ham” on the senate floor in protest of Obamacare, only to most recently sign up for it.

Apparently, hypocrisy is something that’s covered.  

Obamacare has many pluses, but it also has many minuses. For example, the insurance industry still dictates everything and healthcare is still for profit.

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But while the sociopathic hypocrites in Congress kick and scream about a program that was created by conservatives and is very capitalistic being evil socialism, a British 91-year-old World War 2 veteran delivered a rousing speech in support of Britain’s NHS. Harry Smith, the British WW2 vet, brought many in the audience to tears during his speech at a political conference in Manchester this past fall:

“I came into this world in the rough and ready year of 1923. I am from Barnsley and I can tell you that my childhood, like so many others from that era, was not an episode from Downton Abbey.” said Smith (Daily Kos)

Watch the entire video of Smith’s impassioned speech in support of non-profit healthcare:


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