WATCH: ISIL, Hitler And Columbus Day — Three Things To NEVER Celebrate (VIDEO)

Columbus Day, as children we made paper pilgrim hats and learned about the cooperation between Christopher Columbus — the brave explorer who found America — and the Indians who welcomed his ships with open arms. We hear that he was a Christian and gave glory to God for his accomplishments, and we hear about his brave voyage to the New World for gold. No one ever mentioned that Christopher Columbus was so bloodthirsty that modern-day terrorists and dictators could never even touch his level of depraved and debauched murder, rape and genocide. No one told us that decimated entire populations of indigenous people.

Many of us have heard that “Indigenous Peoples Day” is creeping in to replace “Columbus Day” in many major cities. Amid the right-wing cries of “politically correct B.S.” and other’s stubbornness to hold onto the “holiday” because it is a “major part” of the history of the United States, it may actually be difficult to see why people don’t want to celebrate this intrepid explorer. It is pretty well-known that he sold slaves, but that is just history, right?

Wrong. Here is a video that will explain in no uncertain terms for all of you who may be on the fence about Columbus Day. Hitler, ISIL, the Spanish Inquisition — none of them had quite the flair for religion-centric murder, rape and genocide as Columbus did.

Here is The Young Turks with some very painful truths:



Feature image via Jewish Journal, altered

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