WATCH: A Fitness Video For Women That’s Actually Inspiring And Empowering, Instead Of Intimidating (VIDEO)

A fitness video published in January went viral soon after, but not because the models in the video were unusually fit and unusually hot. This particular video actually features real women, with curves, jiggles, wrinkles, rolls and all, doing things they enjoy. The reason this is so awesome? Because women who want to get into better shape are often intimidated by the fitness stereotype of a perfect body with perfect definition… and absolutely no rolls, jiggles or other flaws.

The campaign is known as “This Girl Can,” and a U.K. government agency known as SportEngland is responsible for the video. According to a story on Mind Body Green, SportEngland did some research on the issue of fitness and body image and found that 75 percent of women do want to be more active, but are afraid of judgment, so they stay home.

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SportEngland thought that the best way to reach these women and get them more active would be to create a video that showcases real women with real flaws who can still run, do yoga, swim, bike, play sports, and engage in any number of other strenuous activities, and feel good and happy about it.

It also shows what actual workouts look like. You see the sweat, you see the strain, and it looks like the effort it actually is. The problem with a lot of fitness videos today is that they use fitness models — people who are unusually fit, with very little body fat and tons of definition — to get their point across. That’s the goal that we should all strive for, but it’s not realistic for most of us. Then, either through editing or the models’ ridiculously high levels of fitness or both, the exercises they engage in look effortless, except for a certain amount of sweat.

Women should not be made to feel ashamed of themselves because workouts make them jiggle. They should not fear judgment because they can’t effortlessly ride a bike up a hill, or swim 50 laps. They should not have to worry that they aren’t fit enough because they’re not really thin and ripped. They should not feel like they’re “less than” because they don’t have the grace that a certain type of fitness model has. Women should feel like they can, regardless, and that’s that.

Watch the video below. It’s the first fitness video we’ve seen that’s truly empowering:


Featured image: via screen capture

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