Violent Sexual Predator Being Released To Luxury Home With Pool On Taxpayer Dime (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Fraisure Smith is registered with the State of California, with multiple prior offenses, as a “Sexually Violent Predator.” His most recent offense was in Solano County, California in 2006. He is being released from a mental hospital in Coalinga and, as you might imagine, there aren’t many landlords that want him as a tenant. One homeowner on Willotta Drive in Fairfield, California agreed to house Smith–and taxpayers will be footing the bill.

Willotta Drive is a pretty tree-lined street and home to many families and retirees. Before this month, Jessica’s Law would have prohibited Smith from living so near children and schools; however a California Supreme Court ruled that these “residency restrictions place burdens on registered sex offender parolees that are disruptive in a way that hinder their treatment, jeopardizes their health and undercuts their ability to find and maintain employment, significantly undermining any effort at rehabilitation.”

Homes in the neighborhood sell for well over half million dollars and are actually quite luxurious. The home that Fraisure Smith plans on inhabiting is no different: 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, on a large flat lot with a swimming pool. On the open market this home would rent for well over $3000 per month.

The neighbors first found out about this new development when Sheriff deputies went door-to-door handing out fliers. When they arrived at Martha Khamashta’s home she was horrified to find out that not only was there going to be a sexually violent predator in her neighborhood, he would be right next door. Khamashta told ABC7 News:

I don’t want him here. It’s just been a safe beautiful community. I want it to stay that way. It’s a big house with a swimming pool. And it’s a luxury home, and our government is going to pay to have this person live there, whether we want him or not.

Another neighbor, Sherry Turpin said:

The rights of these villains should not take precedence over the rights of our communities, our neighbors, our lives.

Neighbor Doug Cummins response was:

How do I get one of those? I don’t have a pool. Initially, I was stunned and in disbelief that that could even be a possibility. At this point, we’re all really angry about it.

With Solano Community College just a few blocks away, neighbor Jodi Szalapski had different concerns:

We have a pathway that goes directly to the college right over there. I just… not OK with it.

And then there’s neighbor Carla Nelson:

I’m also a homeschool teacher as well as a full-time teacher. I have students in my home, on Willotta Drive, every week.

Solano County Sheriff said that they have been seeking a home for Smith for 13 months and looked at over 1700 homes. The San Francisco Bay Area housing market is tight, but according to there are over 100 rentals currently available in Solano County with most of them well under $3000 per month and far less luxurious than the mini estate being offered on Willotta Drive.

Apparently Smith will be outfitted with an ankle bracelet but the violations will be triggered to Liberty Health Care, who will in turn be tasked with calling 911.  California’s 911 call centers don’t have a stellar record for routing calls directly or effectively and have even inadvertently caused death. The calls are routed through call centers and the operators often have no idea where the caller is or what they are talking about.

There was a community meeting last night and the residents are outraged. ABC7 posted some of the fallout on Twitter.


see original tweet here


see original tweet here


WATCH the newscast from last night:

Featured image is a screen shot from the video above.

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