Verizon Refuses To Return Money Stolen From Disabled Child’s Bank Account (SCREENSHOTS)

What do you do when you realize you accepted a payment from a disabled boy’s bank account due to stolen  information? Well, if you’re Verizon, nothing!

Blair Linda Blair’s son fell victim to stolen bank information, which allowed the thieves to make $1,000 in payments to several companies. According to Blair, Amazon, Apple and Starbucks gladly refunded her son’s money and Verizon is the only one refusing to refund the money stating their “treasury guidelines.”

Blair wrote a Facebook post explaining what happened:


Over a $1K was stolen from his account and this was the ONLY COMPANY THAT REFUSED TO RETURN HIS MONEY, even after I begged and pleaded He needs his medication! You would think they would be happy to return his money, WRONG. They keep telling me to dispute it with my bank.

Even after being told by a representative that her refund would be granted, the funds were still unreturned. That’s what is so frustrating for this single mother of two.

The first Verizon rep I spoke to said yes we will refund you it normally takes up to 10 days but you can expect yours in 2-3 bc of the situation. Well after i didn’t get he refund I called and spoke to a rep who told me my refund request was reviewed and denied.

Here is the company’s response to her:

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I had no idea that a thief could legitimately authorize a payment! That’s news to me!

Blair was told that the refund was not guaranteed, even though she was initially told she would receive her money back. She eventually explained that the cops apprehended the suspects and could give them more info, but was shut down.  After seven more calls, two unfriendly managers and two call backs that never happened, she is livid.


According to Blair, her 15-year-old son has had to go without necessary medication due to Verizon giving zero f*cks about where they get their payments from. And this is the company who claims to have the number one best customer service in the country? Ha!

You would think that in light of all the heat that is on their corporation for their abysmal business practices, that they would do everything they could to help this child, but clearly that isn’t how Verizon rolls. Apparently their greed extends far beyond their employees. We hear a lot of stories about big, multi-million and billion dollar corporations screwing over people, but this one takes the cake. 

Congrats Verizon! You are the worst company in America, right now.

Here is Blair’s Facebook post in full:

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