Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Photoshops Female Leaders Out Of Charlie Hebdo March Photo-Op

More than 40 world leaders marched Sunday to show support for France after Charlie Hebdo massacre

The march was to express solidarity between nations and included leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, and Anne Hidalgo, the current Mayor of Paris, among a majority of male leaders from around the world. Later in the day all the world leaders posed for a picture together.

But you wouldn’t know that any women were in attendance according to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspaper, The Announcer, which removed the ladies from the photo and ran the shopped picture on the front page of the publication.

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Here is the unaltered photo:



Here we see a woman in a puffy coat which is Mogherini (L), Anne Hidalgo (blue scarf), and Angela Merkel (center/right) holding hands and linking arms with other world leaders.

However, the Haredi paper ran an altered photo on their front page and completely removed the females from the photo:

Here, we see Merkel has disappeared completely and the two men she was standing between are now side by side. The two men Hidalgo was standing between are now side by side and appear to be linking arms, with one world leader pulling a Michael Jackson with one gloved hand and one bare. Morgherini has been completely cropped out.

As far as photoshops go, this one is pretty terrible. Mediate created a list and circled the edits in the photo to make the changes more visible:



1: Discoloration of man’s face
2: World leader wearing a leather glove on one hand and no glove on the other hand
3: Mysterious hand of Federica Mogherini
4: Blurry face of Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga standing behind where Merkel used to be
5: Uh…that’s not a Photoshop, that’s a monster

Ironically, Israel’s frenemies Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyu were photoshopped standing one person away from each other, because penis!

Orthodox Jews have been making headlines lately for their disruptions on airplanes when placed next to a female passenger because their religion does not permit them to touch women.

Sounds like Israel has it’s own version of Fox News.

H/T: Mediaite | Photo: Mediaite

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