Top GOP Advisor Nabbed Filming And Molesting Church Boys ‘Hundreds Of Times’

Another high-profile “family values” Republican has been outed as a serial child molester.

Jim Collins, a top GOP advisor for Senate Majority Leader Tommy Williams, was recently accused of molesting and filming boys from his church’s youth group “hundreds of times.” One of his victims, Matthew Stanley of Vidalia, Georgia, his filed a lawsuit claiming Collins sexually assaulted him and other boys over a period of seven years.

According to the lawsuit, while Collins was a volunteer at First Baptist Church of Vidalia he “would often invite Matt and the other boys to his home, provide them with food and drink, and host gatherings to watch sporting events, including sleepovers.”

During the sleepovers the suit alleges:

Under Collins’s direction, pornography together at Collins’s home. He encouraged each boy to engage in individual sexual acts, both privately and in a group setting. On at least one occasion, Collins videotaped these sexual acts as well, causing additional harm to Matt Stanley. Collins also engaged in highly inappropriate, sexualized physical contact with many of the boys, including Matt Stanley… In addition, Collins sexually abused Matt Stanley and the other boys in these ways on church-sponsored out-of-town trips during which Collins served as First Baptist Church’s adult chaperone for the boys.

Collins is just the latest Republican “family values” hypocrite to be accused of heinous acts against children. Earlier this year, Josh Duggar, another high-profile Republican dirtbag was also outed as a child predator. Duggar was the well-known child of lunatic Christian parents who rose to fame for their inability to use condoms and he also opposed equal right’s for homosexuals because he claimed they would rape our children.

Oh, the irony.

First Baptist Church and Collins denied the allegations leveled in the lawsuit, but as soon as it was filed the church cut ties with the predator. First Baptist also blamed the boys for their own assaults (the ones they denied happened) because the kids did not come forward sooner.

We see this type of depraved behavior over and over from church leaders and sanctimonious Republicans. They speak out against the LGBT community, all while covering up their own followers’ deplorable crimes. Collins deserves to be castrated along with all of his fellow perverts. Child molesters cannot be rehabilitated and they have no place in our society.

Featured image via Raw Story ~ H/T: Occupy Democrats

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