This White Woman Just SCHOOLED America On White Privilege, Corey Jones In EPIC Rant (IMAGES)

Corey Jones’ murderer wears a badge, and now that he has been fired his paid vacation is over. There is still far too much we don’t know about how an undercover cop ended up killing a stranded motorist, but what is plain is that nothing will ever bring him back to his family.

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As we look for answers for yet another senseless death at the hands of law enforcement personnel many of us who have been in similar situations are reflecting on how lucky we are to be alive. This Facebook post from a great little liberal page, The Goomba, hits the nail on the head: for a lot of us it isn’t luck at all, it is white privilege.

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She is one hundred percent correct.

The right-wing likes to pretend that white privilege does not exist, because it makes them uncomfortable. Some will say,”I’m poor! How privileged does that make me?!” White privilege has nothing to do with how rich or poor you are, it means that a minority in a similar socioeconomic position will have to work ten times harder than the white person to pull themselves out of poverty.

When you walk into a college and are surrounded by white people, that is white privilege. When you turn on the television and channel after channel is filled with white people, that is white privilege. When you commit a crime and a judge gives you probation, but the black man next to you jail for the same crime, that is white privilege. When your car breaks down and a police officer hands you a bottle of water, but shoots a black man in the same position, THAT is white privilege.

As a white woman who recognizes her own white privilege, I commend Bella for speaking out. Hopefully, more white people will get with the program and fight to change this country.

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