This Selfish Jerk Was Angry Because A Stranger’s Heart Attack Ruined Her New Year’s Eve (IMAGES)

Self centered people have always been with us, and they certainly will always be with us. But before social media, we never got to see how self-absorbed and callous some people can be. This woman’s Facebook post about her bad experience at a New Year’s Eve celebration takes the cake.

A woman identified as Holly Jones sent a message to a bar called Kilroy’s, located in downtown Indianapolis, about her terrible experience on New Year’s Eve. It seems that another customer had a medical issue, and Ms. Jones was upset because Kilroy’s manager and staff were too busy to pay attention to an issue she and her party were having with their bill. Here is what she had to say:

Holly Jones Post

“The manager told us someone dying was more important than us being there.” If Jones had been the one who was dying, she might agree with that sentiment. But since it wasn’t her, she apparently couldn’t care less.

Chris Burton, managing partner of the location, responded to Jones’ concerns:

Chris Burton 1

Chris Burton comment 2

Kudos to Kilroy’s and Chris Burton for telling this heartless, selfish, pathetic human being that she is not welcome to return to the establishment.

It’s not clear whether she was embarrassed and deleted her Facebook account when she found out what really happened, or whether she just couldn’t handle the negative comments she got, but for whatever reason, Holly Jones’ Facebook account is gone. On Sunday evening, Kilroy’s posted the following:


There are several takeaways from this:

  1. When you are witness to an emergency, you might want to get the facts about what happened before spouting off about it.
  2. Never use social media while intoxicated.
  3. Realize that the world does not revolve around you.

Hopefully, Holly Jones has learned a valuable lesson or two from this. But there are a lot of others out there, just like Holly Jones, who think that their needs, however trivial, trump the needs of everyone else. And a lot of them will never learn.

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