This Santa’s Message To An Autistic Child Will Melt Your Heart

This holiday season has been off to a rocky start, a really rocky start. With multiple mass shootings and a Syrian refugee crisis, not much out there really seems to be screaming “happy,” but that’s about to change.  This shout out to Santa in Twin Lake, Michigan may just be the best moment ever for Landon, who is autistic, and his mother Naomi Johnson.

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Living with autism can make you feel like no one gets you.  You are different and no matter how much you really try to be like others, it is a lost cause — you just aren’t. The physical flapping or quirks and difficulty “translating” what people are trying to tell you is often off-putting to others.

I know, I watch my children struggle every day and I myself fought myself for 30 years without even knowing what high-functioning autism was. Most autistic people are amazing people, but very few neurotypical can get past the overly direct nature of their conversation, the communication barriers and the touch issues that most autistic people have — our quirks.

Adults with autism fail a lot, not knowing why or how our intent could be mistaken so badly, knowing it isn’t the first or last time. It feels like you have to work so hard, not only to be the best you can be like everyone else, but also just to get through a day of faking all the things that come as easily as breathing to everyone around you.

This boy has an amazing and loving mother, whose joy in her son’s happiness shines through her words. He now has another gift that will last him a lifetime, thanks to a Santa’s kind heart and golden words. This moment of pure acceptance, not just tolerance, will echo in this boys heart for his entire life.

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