These Halloween Costumes Are Inappropriate For Children. What Are These Parents Thinking? (IMAGES)

It’s October again and that means Halloween is everywhere. Yes, it looks like the Great Pumpkin threw up at every store, with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and colors spilling out of boxes to remind us that we haven’t even thought about costumes yet. Guess I’ll have to drag out my old SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) garb again…

If you’re a parent, though, your little ones probably have been clamoring for a certain costume. The Frozen characters are popular, still. Avengers and other superheroes are always a hit. Then there are the old standbys: witch, ghost, mummy, etc. But, sometimes, parents don’t think straight and come up with some outrageous homemade costumes. For example:



hooters baby

Really? At least one parent thought this was okay?


Oh, let’s teach our kids to make fun of other people’s misfortune. This is how they grow Republicans.

baby pole dancer

Another jaw-droppingly bad idea. This is what you want your daughter to aspire to?

bomber kid

Another young Republican. Let’s make fun of terrorism and be racist at the same time. At least he didn’t go with black — or is that brown? — face.


jersey shore kids

The Jersey Shore gang is not a selection of role models I would choose. Maybe it’s just me?

baby hitler

What can I say about this? I assume that the parents are white supremacists. At least, I hope so.

The costumes that are for sale from costume shops — on and off line — sell some questionable outfits, too. What’s worse is that they actually encourage inappropriateness in their costumes. Especially for Tween girls. Take a look at the costumes for a gypsy; one for a child, one for a Tween. A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words:


Two different gypsy costumes from Notice anything different?

Would you let your 12 or 14-year-old wear that outfit on the right? Me neither. This nymphet syndrome popped up several years ago and has just gotten worse. Here are a few examples:



This is supposed to be a rock star and it would be cute if not for the 7-year-old baring her midriff. And her not-yet-existent decolletage.


Love this costume! But not for a 12-year-old. Let them remain good angels for a little while longer, please.


Get your daughter ready for the sexual harassment she will face if she joins the military.

wolf girl

Not so bad except for the off-the-shoulder thing. Because every American Indian girl I know wears her fringed tops that way.

Boys and babies aren’t left out of the bad decision-making. Sadly for them.

pirate baby

This one is adorable! It’s a store-bought costume with a homemade touch. But that’s the problem — do you really think that a matching bottle of real rum is appropriate?


trojan kid

It’s a funny costume for a grown man. But this kid isn’t even old enough to know what a Trojan is for.


Complete with toy gun. Oh, yay.


Teaching boys to treat women as whores and worship money. Great idea.

cigarette kid

I can’t tell if this is homemade or retail. Either way, it’s an amazingly dumb idea for a kid’s costume.

Even though adults enjoy dressing up and celebrating Halloween, it is, at heart now, a children’s holiday. They enjoy the costumes, the candy, the decorations, the delicious feeling of being scared in a safe way. The costumes make them feel special, especially if they get to choose theirs. It’s our job as parents to exercise restraint and help them choose costumes that are age-appropriate. And maybe not so crime-y.

I’m no prude. I have my own selection of sexy costumes. I love to wear them and I love to see others wear theirs. But we are adults. It’s okay for us to bare our skin in the name of fun. It’s not okay for a young girl to be wearing sexy outfits. Or for a child to be dressed as a pack of Marlboros. Come on parents, get it together. Please.

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