These 23 Businesses Would Make Ebenezer Scrooge Proud — Open For Business On Christmas Day

There are certain vocations that are required to be available to work on special holidays: namely Thanksgiving and Christmas. Police officers, nurses, doctors, firefighters are all expected to work on holidays. While the rest of us enjoy our families, they keep us safe and help us should our holidays not go quite as planned. The are essential workers in our society.

However, there are other people who are required to work for no other reason but a company’s profit. Restaurants, retail stores or grocery stores are not essential businesses to be available on a holiday. Sure, a community likely needs a pharmacy to be open for medications in an emergency, but other than that, most businesses can and do close.

I know, I know, many of you will say that there are lots and lots of people who don’t mind working the holiday. Some may even say they prefer to work it and like the “extra money.” But, I seriously doubt the majority of servers or other minimum wage workers are thrilled to be working for their non-living wages on a day when most of the country puts aside for their families.

Huffington Post reports that the following businesses plan to be open Christmas Day. This means shifts of workers, who normally don’t get holidays off, ever, will be forced away from their families to peddle mostly cheap plastic shit made in China or serve food to complete strangers when they’d rather be home eating cookies with their own. All of this so the bosses can continue to make a buck. Profits couldn’t possibly stop for a single day of the year because Americans just can’t go a day without having an Egg McMuffin or visiting the Golden Coral (mmmmmm mmmmmm).

Surprisingly enough, the darling of profits, Walmart, will not be open on Christmas Day.

Here are Scrooge’s top picks for Christmas 2015:

Restaurants Open on Christmas Day

via Huffington Post

Boston Market
Buca di Beppo
Buffalo Wild Wings
Dunkin’ Donuts
Golden Corral
Panda Express
Pizza Hut
Ruby Tuesday
Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Sonic Drive-In
Starbucks Coffee
Waffle House

Grocery Stores Open on Christmas Day

via Huffington Post


Retail Stores Open on Christmas Day

via Huffington Post

Family Dollar

Of course, the “job creators” have their workforce right where they want them. Desperation for jobs is so great, these workers wouldn’t dare stand up and say they won’t be working this Christmas, as “human resources” are easily replaced. This is the true “War on Christmas.”

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