The Result Of Texas Home Schooling Showcased On This Hilarious Produce Sign (IMAGES)

In Texas, you’re allowed to home school your children under some of the strictest regulation in the world… for third world countries. To be a Texas home-schooled child, your parents need only to send the local school department a letter of withdrawal and voila, you’re all done with any form of state scrutiny, regulation, standardized testing or grading.

That’s right, kids, you can forget about those annoying lessons in science, since religion is the number one reason to home school listed in America. Who needs to learn the lessons of health class when you live in rural Texas and your only friends are your parents or one of the six siblings you share a Bible with?

This sign, captured on an east Texas road, shows the kind of edumacation your children can enjoy at home and the kind of job they have to look forward to in one magnificent display of stupid:



No, there are. Literally. No. Words.

Luckily the person who wrote this was taught basic phonetics or the sign would have been limited to the artistic interpretations of a moron.

While there is no confirmation that this sign was written by someone who was home schooled, the comments on the Imgur upload seem to indicate that in that area of the country, this kind of thing is extremely common because home schooling is so popular.

Home schooling can also be loads of fun. For example, your house becomes a school zone, allowing you to paint on the street outside:

You can support politicians who support home-schoolers:

Because home schooling is about family; It’s about values; It’s about the children:

At the end of the day, does it really matter? As long as they learn their numbers, what difference does it make?

To be fair, not all home schooling is inadequate or unfair. There are people who home school for a variety of reasons, including social disorders and other health problems, along with those who live in areas where schools have decided to teach nonsense. To people who home school for the right reasons, you should be applauded. You do two of the hardest jobs in America: Parenting and teaching. To the rest of you, the “we home school fer freedumb” crowd, get a clue; you’re destroying your children. Nobody cares if they pray before lunch.

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