The Children Of The Tea Party: WARNING! These Images May Disgust You

There’s so much talk about children these days. Tens of thousands of them seeking refuge at our southern border. Hamas is using them as shields, Israel is bombing them. Honduran drug lords are brainwashing them to mow down their villages with automatic weapons. China is still using them as a major player in their labor force…

The injustices of our world are bad enough without them trickling down to our children.

Here in America we have children, too. In 2012, 15.9 million of them lived in food insecure households. Three million await adoption that isn’t coming. 400,000 are in a failing foster care system.

So many children, so much injustice.

I myself have 3 children.  My wife and I go out of our way to teach them not only the wonders of the world but it’s cruelties as well. They know racism firsthand. They see families divided in their classmates. They experience the joys of friendship, the hardships of bullies and the real life lessons we teach them. We don’t push religion, but are quick to answer any questions they have on the subject. We are liberals raising liberals to think for themselves, explore the world around them, and come to their own conclusions about what they learn and what their interests are.

I would have it no other way. If my children wanted to go to church I would take them. If they want to learn a trade I will teach them.  If they turn out to be gay I will love them unconditionally. These are the values we as liberals try to instill in our children. Love yourself, love your neighbor, enjoy your world, experience everything you can, and always help others whenever possible.

We are liberals, and the children are our future. Our children, their children, my children, your children.  It really doesn’t matter, they are innocent.

Children of the Tea Party are not so lucky

While we teach our children to be tolerant of other cultures they teach theirs to hate all Muslims.

We teach our children to speak out against child labor while they teach theirs to support a party platform that continues to offer incentives to ship jobs to countries that engage in child slave labor.

We teach our children that there are hungry kids right here at home and to be involved in school food drives and fundraisers to feed them. They teach theirs that those children’s parents are lazy freeloaders so they don’t deserve to eat.

We teach our children to embrace the new immigrants in school while they load theirs onto buses bound for the southern border to shout obscenities at them.

We teach our children to reject violence and embrace a future of peace and fellowship while they teach theirs to load weapons and stand their ground.

These children need our help, plain and simple.

I can understand people having their own political beliefs, and I can certainly understand them sharing those beliefs with their kids. What I simply cannot understand is teaching that child that something is bad because of the color of a man’s skin and to proudly display a sign stating just that.


The child on the left in blue can’t be but 8 or 9 years old.  He’s already being taught that freedom is tied directly to money and guns. With these beliefs being what’s really important, what are the chances he won’t be expelled by 10th grade for taking someone’s lunch money at knife point?


You have taught your 5-year-old that she has no future.  With such a dismal outlook on the great country she lives in, what are the chances she will grow up to attempt to effect some kind of change for herself and her generation?  Your other daughter has already learned that people who have less are lazy, not because of a failed economy from 8 years of idiocy, not because of the hand they were dealt, but because they made bad decisions.

These children are barely old enough to hold the signs that have already determined the direction of their future. They are being taught to count from Sesame Street, to laugh from Spongebob, and to hate from their parents. Hopefully it won’t take until 6th grade, if they aren’t home schooled, for someone to teach them what socialism means and how our debt actually works.

How is it that we can go about helping these unfortunate children?  What can we do to free them from the bonds of stupidity and ignorance? The answer lies in your own living room watching The Backyardigans through very different eyes.

We can help these children by teaching our own to be tolerant of them. Treat them like sentient beings with hopes and dreams of being a pretty princess and 7 years old instead of hate parrots for Uncle Rudy’s Sunday Dinner rants. Invite them to your home and show them that they are allowed to be children who play with Legos and jump on trampolines instead of stocking the bunker with canned peaches and watching Dad yell at people he doesn’t understand on Fox News. Read them a Richard Scarry story instead of an article on the new Glock from Guns and Ammo.

These children will grow up someday, and before long they will begin to develop their own belief system. Together with our own children we can be the positive influence that teaches them that things like love, respect and hope don’t have to come with another Benghazi hearing or ridiculous diatribe from Sarah Palin. Show them laughter and joy and they will remember it. Be generous and bring them with you to those food drives and fundraisers, and when their angry parents come knocking at your door to yell at you for being so anti-Christian, simply smile and offer them a nice glass of lemonade and a cookie.

The parents won’t appreciate it but maybe someday their children will look back and remember, smile just a little and think to themselves, “I want to be more like that.”

It’s the best we can do, let’s hope it’s enough.

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