Texas Makes Abortion Readily Available – For The Wealthy

The requirement for abortion providers in the Lone Star State to be ambulatory surgical centers has managed to close all but 8 of Texas’ abortion clinics.  According to a map of US Census Bureau median income statistics published by The Huffington Post, only the wealthiest of Texans will have easy access to abortion services.

The law has managed to all but exclude women who don’t live in major metropolitan areas from having access to safe abortion services.  If you’re going to cater to the Christian Right, you have to make sure the wealthy campaign donors still have an outlet for hypocrisy when it’s their teenage daughter who makes a mistake.


Graphics from the Huffington post demonstrate how only the wealthiest of Texans will have easy access to abortion services

Governor Rick Perry has already claimed that the law, meant to keep people safe, could have saved Joan Rivers.  A perfectly logical argument if your intention is to sensationalize an issue using the death of a celebrity that has nothing to do with the matter at hand. What the Governor fails to recognize is that between 1972 and 2009, 411 women died as the result of abortion.  In 2009 the number was 8 out of more than a million abortions performed.

Do those statistics warrant a law that forces abortion clinics to be surgical centers?  Logic says certainly not.   Logic says that right-wing fundamentalist lunatics are having their way with the rights the Supreme Court gave to women more than 40 years ago.


Texas Unwanted Pregnancies Give Conservatives Something To Complain About 

It’s no secret that conservatives love to complain about the poor.  The GOP spin machine has done a fantastic job of energizing its new-found base of ignorant segregationists by blaming the struggling economy on the poor and claiming them as the sole reason for President Obama’s electoral success.

One would think an influx of unwanted pregnancies from the poorest Texan communities would be something conservatives would consider when they claim all life to be precious.  (That and the record number of executions they’ve carried out.)  The abortion issue has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with the women of states like Texas having someone else’s religious beliefs pushed on them in a clear violation of the 1st Amendment and judicial precedent.

Texas has recently joined a slew of other regressive red states that take more from the Federal Government than they contribute.  It’s almost as if Red Texas wants to continue its decline into poverty to secure the votes of those people easily manipulated by misinformation for years to come.  It may not seem like a reasonable theory, but really, does anything that comes out of Texas seem reasonable these days?

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