Texas Man Substitutes REAL Gun For Squirt Gun, Teen Girl Ends Up Getting Shot (VIDEO)

A man went to a BBQ on Saturday and shot a 15-year-old girl after what appears to be a “check out MY gun” moment gone horribly wrong.

Picture a nice family day in Texas… It’s Saturday afternoon, there’s meat in the smoker and BBQ on the grill. There are kids, and adults alike, in the yard having a really epic water fight with super soakers… Sounds like a great afternoon, until someone decided to add a real gun into the mix.

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A 42-year-old Houston-area man was arrested and charged with deadly conduct after the shooting of a 15-year-old girl on Saturday. According to reports, the man was not related to the child.

No one really knows for sure why this dumbass decided to retrieve his gun from his vehicle when children and other innocent people were around, but Micah Stewart, a young neighbor who witnessed the incident, had this to say:

The man went over there to his car to get his dry clothes and he must have had the gun so he started playing with it and I thought he probably had it on safety and he accidentally shot the girl in her collar bone area.


It was also reported by Harris County Constable Lt. Daniel Garza, that Cypress Creek EMS had been on scene to “tend to the girl” and take her to the hospital, where she is now in “stable condition.”

Things could have been so much worse because as KPRC also reported, a stray bullet was found lodged in a parked car five houses down.

When are these “responsible gun owners” going to realize that REAL guns are not TOYS!? Another young witness, Rasheed Seals, has some great advice for all of the gun nuts out there:

Don’t play with guns, not the right choice.

We don’t know the current state of the girl’s injuries, but this “accident” could very well have caused permanent damage that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. Let’s hope that is not the case.

It’s time to wake up, America or your kid may be next.

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