Teacher’s Resignation Goes Viral: ‘I Cannot Justify Making Students Cry Anymore’ (IMAGES)

A brave teacher in Florida said she can no longer take being part of a broken educational system and her resignation letter has gone viral.

A former teacher at R. Bruce Wagner Elementary School in Polk County, posted her resignation letter on Facebook recently and explained why she could no longer stand to be a part of it. Bradshaw, a third grade teacher, is just the latest person to express disgust about the over-testing of students in Florida schools (and across the nation). Her letter reads, in part:

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She continued and explained that some children are labeled “bad kid” because “their little bodies just can’t sit quietly anymore, or because they don’t know the social rules of school and there is no time to teach them.” She goes on to talk about how their behavior is a product of a broken system and we are basically short-changing our kids by allowing it to continue.

Bradshaw explains that it wasn’t until she had her child in June that she realized that she could no longer continue teaching:


It is undeniable that we have a problem in this state with over-testing. Even Governor Rick Scott agreed that there are too many tests and ordered less testing earlier this year. You know there’s a problem when Governor Voldemort sides with parents and teachers.

I have a child in elementary school and last year he had a test nearly every day. He had so many tests that he dreaded going to school. I am fairly young and when Florida schools started administering the FCAT, a standardized test that determines whether or not a child moves on, my school experience completely changed. Our lesson plans no longer gave us a well-rounded education, instead we were taught what was going to be on that test and twelve years later my son and thousands of other kids are being taught the same way.

The fact is, some kids just do not test well. That doesn’t mean these kids are stupid and it doesn’t mean the teachers are bad. Yet, the educational system across the country is putting far too much weight on these tests. Our kids are getting shafted and our country is falling further and further behind the rest of the world. The United States ranks as 14th in the world for education — gone are the days when students from around the world tried to get transferred here.

We are failing our kids and we are failing ourselves. Bradshaw is right; the system is broken and we need to do everything we possibly can to fix it.

Read her resignation letter in full HERE.

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