Tank Top Wearing Woman Shamed At Gym For Having Impressive….Assets

America is a painfully prudish and sex-crazed country. Depending on where a woman is at any given time, she will either be sexually harassed because she’s attractive or slut-shamed for exactly the same reason. But Canada is supposed to be our well-adjusted upstairs neighbor that’s not nearly as hung up on the female form.

Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Meet Rose Nickels. She’s a petite woman with what ye olde timers would call “an ample bosom.”


Well, damn! I’m sure she’s quite proud of that body. And she should be. You know how hard it is to keep a tummy that flat?

Well, ANYway! Rose works out at a local gym in Orleans, Ontario (that’s in Canada you ignorant American scum) and ran (no pun intended) into a curious bit of blowback (bold highlights are mine) that she shared on Facebook:

I am a member of Movati Athletic Club in Orleans, ON. Today, I was instructed by a Supervisor at the club that my tank top was inappropriate dress and is offensive to both the staff and other members. That at Movati they have a dress code stating only appropriate gym attire and modest clothing is to be worn.

I will start by saying my tank top was no different than many other women’s tank top at the club; except my chest size is much larger in appearance in comparison to my frame than many of the other women. After asking every woman at the club who I could find on the way out if my attire offended them and they responded no, it became clear that the only ones offended were the two women supervisors working at the club today. I pointed out to them that my shirt was no different than any other woman’s shirt. They informed me that it did not matter that due to my chest size I could not wear a tank top.

I felt humiliated and discriminated against due to my figure. I was singled out and it is unfair to say I cannot wear a tank top and other women can! Different figures means different rules? I would like to bring this out to the public! If tank tops are not allowed at the gym for me because of my chest size than all women should not be allowed to wear tank tops regardless of size.

Now, the two female supervisors may have just been jealous, but it’s just as likely that they found Rose’s “display” to be offensive simply because Rose didn’t try hard enough to cover her very well-built figure. As we know, in America, when a woman is not ashamed of her body, there’s something very wrong with her. It’s super depressing to see Canada is not all that far behind.

Even worse, the gym sided with the supervisors.

In a statement to the Ottawa Sun, the fitness club said it had conducted a thorough investigation of the incident and stood by the supervisor’s actions.

“The Movati staff never indicated Ms. Vecchio’s style of shirt was not appropriate — it was the lack of coverage that was the issue as she exercised adjacent to other members,” Movati said. “We stand by the original decision that confirms that Ms. Vecchio was dressed inconsistently with our code of conduct.”

Speaking as a male that enjoys the female form, Rose’s gym outfit is not exactly provocative. Sure, it’s form-fitting but it does nothing to call attention to the twins. There’s hardly any cleavage shown and why  should there be? She was at a gym, not the beach. Maybe if she was bending over right in front of me, I’d have a different opinion. But at that point, I would have to be actively looking and whose fault is that? Rose or the middle-aged guy being a perv?

Could she have worn a looser top that hid her boobs? Sure. Is there any particular reason she should hide her natural curves? None that don’t involve objectifying breasts. The Movati Athletic Club ostensibly exists to help people get fit and healthy. They should consider extending that goal to a healthy and well-balanced outlook on the human body as well.

Featured image via Rose Nickels’ FB page

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