Stephen Colbert Marched In Charleston ‘Unity Chain’ To Support Shooting Victims (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert’s grew up in Charleston, SC. Sadly, he doesn’t have a show right now to express his feelings about last week’s shooting that killed nine people in a predominantly African-American church.

That doesn’t mean that Colbert has stayed silent on the tragedy. He and thousands of other people marched hand-in-hand on in support of the victims on Sunday in what they called a Unity Chain.

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Here’s the video that Colbert uploaded to his Twitter account:

Others posted pictures of Colbert:


The entire march was attended by an estimated 20,000 people who marched more than two miles across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, which spans the distance between Charleston and Mount Pleasant. They marchers also cheered, clapped and sang songs.

The march was led by Mt. Pleasant’s police chief Carl Ritchie and Jay Johnson, who leads the “Official Black Lives Matter” group and members of the victims’ families.


Featured image via Twitter.

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