So You Think The Private Sector Is Better? Homeowner’s Association Blocks Girl’s Dying Wish (VIDEO)

A little Kansas City girl with cancer wanted a dream playhouse and the neighborhood homeowner’s association, through a nightmare of bureaucracy, blocked it.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation contacted JE Dunn construction to build the dream playhouse for 6-year-old Ella Schultz, who is dying of leukemia. However, her neighborhood’s homeowner’s association rejected the idea because the board hadn’t had a chance to review the application and said that the playhouse violated rules.

Since the story made national headlines, the Stone Homeowner’s Association has reconsidered, sort of. They have now had a change of heart and will allow the playhouse.

“Our hearts are with Ella Schultz and her family as they battle this terrible illness,” read a portion of the statement. “In hopes of getting enough information, we are requesting an immediate meeting with Make-A-Wish and J.E. Dunn Construction to work out a solution in the most expeditious manner possible.”

Source: ABC News

After hearing the news that the playhouse will be allowed, as if that should take any thought whatsoever, the family said:

“We say a heartfelt thank you. It means the world to us because it’s all about her and her being happy and healthy,” Ella’s dad Pete Schultz said while smiling ear to ear.

He was thrilled to call Ella and tell her the news.

“She was yelling. She was like ‘Yeah! I’m going to have my own place outside where I can go,’” Schultz said.


Here’s the video:

The theory among Republicans and libertarians is that the private sector is better and more efficient. The truth is that whether you’re dealing with the private sector or the public sector, there are layers of red tape.

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