Selfless Man Builds Tiny House For Homeless Woman Who Once Slept In The Dirt (VIDEO)

Smokie is a 60-year-old homeless woman in Los Angeles. Elvis Summers lives in an apartment building near the patch of dirt where Smokie slept. She often stops by to see Elvis in the mornings to see if he has any recyclables that she can turn into cash. These morning meetings turned into a meaningful friendship.

One day Elvis heard about, Greg Kloehn, a man in Oakland that collected materials he find on the streets. Kloehn turns “pallets, bed boards, washing machine doors and other bizarre objects” into tiny little houses that are just big enough for someone to sleep comfortably. They are what he calls “illegal homes out of illegal garbage.” And, they are on wheels, so that the homeless can take them with them when they get “evicted” from. . . wherever they happen to be. They often get stolen, so Kloehn keeps making more of them. He says they cost him about $30-40 each.

Elvis was inspired by this and decided to make a home for Smokie. Since he lives in an apartment building and she doesn’t live anywhere, he constructed the home on the street outside of his building. Elvis says that the Los Angeles Police Department has been very cooperative with him and Smokie. He tells the Good News Network:

The local LAPD cops have been super cool, and told me they support it–as long as we move it to a different spot every 72 hours.

It took Elvis about five days and $500 to build Smokie’s house and he documents the process in the video below. Seeing this ingenious idea, other homeless people have requested he build them homes too. His motto is “Never dream small, ever” and to help fulfill these dreams he has set up a GoFundMe site to drum up financial support.

WATCH him build Smokie’s house before your eyes…  (warning: you might cry)

Featured image via Good News Network.

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