MRAs Want To End Marital Rape Laws Because They’re ‘A Feminist Tool To Criminalize Marriage’

Feminists are ruining marriage with their anti-rape laws! Said no sane person ever.

Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) are special people, truly. It takes a special person to pretend to lobby for men’s rights when the key objective is to undermine feminism.

These MRAs are found filling up comment sections, disqualifying every article about feminism that was ever written on the internet ever. They bitch and moan endlessly and are often seen denying that women experience inequality, sexism, discrimination, intimidation, and some MRAs even go so far as to accuse sexual assault victims of being liars and “attention seekers” — that is, if they aren’t threatening women online with rape.

While these men may have legitimate gripes for society here and there, the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) does very little to address actual concerns for men and instead fights to undo laws designed to protect women, or at least laws that give women an avenue to pursue justice against their attackers, oppressors or others who wrong them because MRAs see these laws as inconveniencing men. Which, of course, is a big no-no in MRA land.

Take for example the utter garbage pile that is , a contributing writer for A Voice for Men, an MRM sinkhole for delusional a**holes — he asserts that a spouse cannot rape their partner, and that laws against this form of rape are another example of feminism run amok, turning every man into a rapist and ruining marriage for all those poor, unfortunate, under-sexed husbands.

Talukdar says:

The concept of marital rape is an oxymoron. Marriage is a licence for sex. A woman who does not want to have sex with her husband should separate from him and file for divorce.

So, if a wife is too tired, she should just file for divorce rather than be raped. Makes total sense!

Talukdar continues on with his obvious wide breadth of knowledge on the topic of Feminism, writing:

In India marriage is a sacrament. However, feminists have always viewed marriage as an institution that enslaves women. Hence they want this institution to be destroyed. ‘The Feminists’ declared in 1969 that ‘marriage and the family must be eliminated.’

Typical MRA talking point — that feminist women must hate men, marriage and children because they don’t want those things to always be the defining points of their lives. Essentially, back in history before women had any rights, marriage was indentured servitude to a husband — women were the handmaidens to their spouse’s every want and desire. This is the world the MRM wants back.

Spousal rape became illegal in all 50 states of the U.S. during the 1970s-’90s, but still no national law defines sexual assault in marriage as being illegal, each state has their own individual law, but in the U.S. consent matters.

Currently, the women in India are asking for similar laws against marital rape in their country after the issue was specifically excluded from India’s Criminal Law (Amendment) Act from 2013, which was amended to take a tougher stance on sexual assault. Only wives under the age of 15 can be considered sexually assaulted. With arranged marriages and a strong patriarchal foundation, level of education/illiteracy, poverty, myriad social customs and values, religious beliefs, and the belief that marriage is sacred and a duty for all people, it’s easy to imagine just how big of a problem marital rape is in this country.

Talukdar says:

What should a man do if he is regularly denied sex by his wife? Should he masturbate, visit brothels or should be commit adultery? It may be noted that feminists want to decriminalize adultery so that marriage is an affair only on paper.

Yes! A thousand times yes. A consensual affair is painful for a wife, but is better than raping her. All of this is better than rape. Talukdar is making husbands (and for equality’s sake rapey wives) the true victims here. How dare a wife deny her husband sex! It just goes to show that women’s bodies are seen as property owned by men in marriage, does this not make the case that in some marriages it is enslavement?

According to Talukdar, the real crime is men’s unhappiness and the culprit is all those uppity females with rights fought for by Feminists:

Laws like no fault divorce, domestic violence, marital rape, alimony and child support have already made marriage an extinct institution in many countries. Hence caution must be exercised before Indian Law makers copy such laws.

Except for the fact marriage isn’t dead anywhere in the world, but MRAs don’t bother with facts much.

Scumbags like Talukdar are the reason so many men are able to excuse their bad behavior against women. MRA forums breed people like Elliot Rodger, the mass murderer who felt he was owed sex by all the females of the world.

The comment section on this article confirms that men who think women shouldn’t be raped just because they are married are considered trolls, while those who think it’s perfectly okay for a husband to force his wife into having sex is perfectly fine.

Here are some examples (TRIGGER WARNING):

You see young men in the US locked up for tens if not hundreds of years, simply for raping a woman. Rape is not that bad a crime against a woman or human being, when you compare it to murder, seriously bad assault, decades of imprisonment and abuse, etc, is worse.

I mean, any form of child abuse is by far worse than the rape of an adult woman. If she is raped and bashed, then that is a different story. The perp should be locked up for rape and grievous bodily harm for some years that satisfies all of society, not just women. He still should not be locked up for the term of his natural life. -“Shrek6”

Marriage is a consent for sex. Only way to retract that consent is a divorce or separation. Marriage is not a license for violence and using force. Only that part can be regarded as a problem. The only way to deal with denial of sex could be deal with it (accept it) or file for divorce. There cannot be a use of force for sex, because that would be considered as violence between spouses. But if a spouse does use force for sex, again there could be only two ways to deal with it. Accept it or file for divorce and complain about violence. But the consent for sex cannot be retracted without filing for divorce. Hence no case of rape within a marriage. -उलटाखोपड़ी

As a libertarian for minimal gubmint myself, the gubmint has no business sticking its nose into private affairs. If assault takes place either in public or in the home, normal assault laws within the context of rules of evidence will suffice. While assault can take place within a marriage and deserves to be addressed, there is no such thing as rape in marriage. -“Codebusters”

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It makes me shiver that the world is filled with these monsters. It’s all so vomit-worthy!

To help India’s female sexual assault and domestic abuse victims, consider donating to CARE, by clicking here. CARE provides victims services to women and girls in 87 different countries around the world and is working hard to fight poverty, child marriage and the abuse of women.

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