Sarah Palin’s Son Officially Becomes ‘Bad Guy With A Gun’, Pleads Guilty To Weapons Charge

Track Palin has entered into a plea deal over a January incident during which he punched a woman – reportedly his girlfriend – in the face, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.

The incident took place at the Palins’ Wasilla home on the night of January 18. A woman at the residence told police that Track had punched and kicked her during an argument, and had threatened to commit suicide with a rifle. Police said that Palin also suffered facial injuries, the result of being struck by the woman’s elbow. Police administered a breathalyzer test and found Track’s blood alcohol to be .189. As a frame of reference, the legal limit for drivers to be considered intoxicated in Alaska is .08. So Track was, in layman’s terms, pretty sloshed.

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The plea deal involves Palin’s opting into moving the case to a special state court for veterans. Kevin Fitzgerald, Track’s attorney, explained what was involved in the agreement:

As a condition of his entry into that court the state dismissed the first two counts. Track pled to misconduct involving weapons (in the fourth degree), concerning being under the influence and having a firearm.

Charges that were dismissed involved domestic-violence assault and interfering with the report of a domestic-violence crime. Fitzgerald also said that Palin will have to undergo alcohol abuse treatment. Upon successful completion of that treatment the weapons charge will be expunged from his record.

District Attorney for Anchorage, Clint Campion, says that Palin is not getting any special treatment by the state. “I’m not treating his case any different than I would anyone under the same charges or circumstances,” Campion said.

The veterans’ court is designed to offer camaraderie and support among veterans as they work through the the completion of their sentences. Attorney Fitzgerald called it “a pretty unique court.”

The weapons charge officially makes Track Palin a “bad guy with a gun.” Police will tell you that domestic violence calls are the most deadly type of situation that they handle. A 2007 article posted at Police One explains why:

In addition to the highly emotional state of the crime victim and assailant in domestic violence situations, alcohol or drugs are also often involved.

Roughly three out of every four officers who died during domestic disturbance calls were shot to death.

Thank goodness the situation was defused without loss of life, because history says it had all of the elements needed for it to turn deadly — for Track Palin, the woman or the police. It’s fun to laugh at the exploits of the Palins, but here’s a sincere wish that Track will get the help he obviously needs.

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