‘Racists Getting Fired’ Is Outing Those Who Post Racist Comments To Social Media (IMAGES)

There’s a new sheriff in town, and she’s after people who post racist comments to social media. Over the past few days, the Tumblr page “Racists Getting Fired” has hit people’s radar — and, in some cases, their bank accounts.

The page is run by an anonymous person (who calls herself a “gay ass boy of a woman”) whose mission is to out those who use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to share their hateful racist views. And, of course, she is getting threats. She says that she is getting messages saying that what she is doing is illegal, that she will be sued and then be “doxed” herself. She has asked her followers to provide advice on how to proceed.

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For those not familiar, “doxing” is the practice of searching the internet for information about a person, and then posting that information. The Daily Beast says that doxing is like hacking, only doxing is, for the most part, legal. The owner of “Racists Getting Fired” makes it clear that she does not dox people herself; she only accepts submissions from others. She then contacts the employers of the people who posted the material, to make them aware of it.

What she is doing is apparently working, as The Root reports that everyone who has been outed by the site so far has deleted his or her online profile.

The page has completed its mission in at least one case. “VA Truck Driver” tweeted that he was “sorry” after his employer was contacted and he was suspended without pay.

Caution: Extremely offensive language

Racists getting fired achieved their goal in this case

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

Is “outing” social media racists a good idea?

“Racists Getting Fired” is being met with generally positive reviews. But, the case of “VA Truck Driver” brings up a potential problem with outing those who use social media to make racist comments. This person had no problem making his comments, until they got him suspended from work.

Did that suspension change “VA Truck Driver’s” opinion about anything? Probably not. But what it did do is almost certainly make him more careful about any racist comments he might make in the future. This sort of public shaming does little to change the views of racists, and in many cases it will only force them underground, where they share their comments only with those of like-mind.

Now, if the objective of “Racists Getting Fired” is not to change the views of racists, but is merely to punish them economically for those views — it seems to be working as intended.

Here are some other examples of posts from the site. Identifying information has been removed from the posts below, but can be seen in the originals posted on Tumblr.

Again, these posts contain offensive language:

Racists Getting Fired

Courtesy of Racists Getting Fired

Racists Getting Fired

Courtesy Of Racists Getting Fired

Racists Getting Fired

Courtesy of Racists Getting Fired

If you’re not disgusted enough already, or if you think you would like to contribute, you can see more at “Racists Getting Fired” on Tumblr.

H/T: Business Insider | Screenshot from “Racists Getting Fired

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