Privilege: Stanford Rapist’s Punishment Vs. Elderly Disabled Veteran Who Grew Pot

From entitled waste of sperm Ethan Couch to sniveling little scumbag Brock Turner, never before has privilege been so flagrantly flaunted than right now. Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential nominee for f*ck’s sake! In any case, our nation’s legal system continues to remain compromised, affording justice to those guilty until proven wealthy.

Great umbrage and anger have been expressed  over a California judge’s decision to give former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner a sickeningly light six month jail sentence for raping an unconscious woman. According to the judge, “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him.” I tend to think the victim was impacted much more severely, but that’s just crazy talk in these FUBAR times.

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Enter 76-year old disabled American army veteran Lew Carrol Brooker

n 2011, Brooker was arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana after police visiting his home in Cottonwood, Alabama, and discovered he was growing pot behind his son’s house. And in 2014, Brooker was  sentenced to life in prison without parole. Then last year, the Alabama Supreme Court denied Brooker’s request for a review of his sentence. Yet Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore would later say that Brooker’s life sentence was “excessive and unjustified.” 

It should be noted that Brooker is a 76-year-old disabled veteran who was merely growing pot to help alleviate his own health issues. But as Donald Trump and the Republican Party have shown time and time again, veterans are disposal commodities–meant to be used as political props come election time, then discarded after the lights and cameras are  off. Thankfully, the US Supreme Court is seriously considering taking on Brooker’s case. Brooker is arguing that he was stripped of his Eighth Amendment rights with such a “cruel and unusual” punishment.

Privilege is on full display, folks. The very idea that a sociopathic rapist shouldn’t have his life and future ruined but some old veteran growing pot for pain relief should, well, is precisely why our nation is much need of an enema.

Featured image via Houston County Sheriff’s Office/Dothan Eagle and screen capture

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