Police Chief Crosses Lines To March With Protesters

The release of the #TortureReport  and all of the gruesome details committed by the CIA at the request of Dick Cheney and the All Torture All Stars may have caused a brief interruption in the police state,  but protesters of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner decision are still angrier than Bill O’Reilly at a Phish concert. The concept of good cop/bad cop has never been more blurred, but one cop cut through that nebulous tape when he decided to cross police lines to join protesters.

Earlier today, the police chief of Richmond, CA, Chris Magnus, threw caution to the wind when he joined a protest against the grand jury verdicts of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Richmond POlice Chief Chris Magnus was seen holding a sign that read “#blacklivesmater” Image @brietbart.com

“We want to share a message that there’s a lot of common ground between the police and this community,” said Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus. (KTUV.com)

Whereas police in Ferguson and other cities across the country were there to show off their Pentagon surplus gear and mostly break up protests, Police Chief Magnus was there in solidarity.

“We support people’s right to protest peacefully and we do want to send a message that all lives matter,” Magnus asserted. “Black, brown, white; all of us, we gotta work together.”

Magnus, however, wasn’t the only uniformed officer to join the protest. It seems many of his fellow officers joined in as well, much to the delight of protesters

“I think it’s awesome,” said Carolyn Wysinger with a smile.

And Wysinger felt that it was more than just a PR stunt, as she claims that police have been working with this community for quite some time.

“I’m not surprised to see him out here. And I’m glad the police department is in solidarity with building these bridges and starting these conversations in our community,” said Wysinger.

Magnus isn’t the only cop to have joined the recent string of protests. Former Police Captain Ray Lewis, who was instrumental in the OWS movement, took to the streets of Ferguson in the aftermath of the grand jury decision. We hardly expect the nation’s police force, seemingly threatened and more trigger happy than Ted Nugent at a bear hunt, to put down their riot gear and start singing kumbaya. But a few decent acts by a few decent officers might quell resentment on both sides, resulting in less police brutalities in the future.

H/T: KTUV.comFeatured image courtesy of Breitbart.com  

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