Playboy Just Banned Nudes And Social Media Played A Huge Role In The Decision

In a world where you innovate, recreate, and change with the times or become obsolete, Playboy magazine has done just that. They are going to a PG-13 format, no nudity at all. This is hitting many of us square in the memories, but makes perfect sense.

Oh, and now we can blame Facebook’s nudity-Nazis for yet another “nice thing” lost.

At its zenith, Playboy magazine sold 7 million copies a month. Now their circulation is only 700,000 copies a month. Why? Well, you many think it is because you can literally find any sex act, any nude, and any pose you want on the internet, with just a few clicks. That is partly true, but social media also played a huge part in the decision.

CNN’s Mel Robbins said:

This isn’t a story about nudity; it’s a story about disruption and innovation. Times, tastes and technology have changed everything. Even at 89, Hugh Hefner understands a simple fact: In today’s rapidly evolving world you innovate or you become irrelevant. It’s the biggest challenge facing businesses around the world.

Why is nudity the thing that Facebook is changing? Well, Social Media mostly. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram are huge powerhouses for getting content to readers. In fact, chances are, you found this article on one of those platforms, but the problem for magazines like Playboy? None of those powerhouses allow nudity.

When Playboy’s digital marketing adopted a “safe for work” strategy they saw a 258 percent jump in unique visitors to the site. Not only that, but the average age of viewers went from 47-years-old, to around 30-years-old. That HUGE success is the reason for the change.

Now that the models are back in their bunny suits with their cute little tails, we will see if this decades-old statement is really true:

I caught him reading a Playboy, but it’s ok, he says he only reads it for the articles!

Pretty soon we will all know if it was really the articles that have kept people coming back to Playboy month after month and year after year.

Feature image via Twitter

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