Pat Robertson: Beat Non-Religious Children In The Woodshed Until They Understand The Blessings Of Discipline

Pat Robertson, yes, the same Pat Robertson who once said that the headquarters of the U.S. State Department should be destroyed by a nuclear bomb, now has a new target: non-religious children.

“Raw Story” reports that in an email to CBN’s “The Breakfast Club,” Karen, a viewer of the show stated:

We declined going to our daughter’s house on Christmas this year because there is always an argument, hard feelings etc. . . . One grandchild comes high on marijuana, cursing and challenging our faith. I correct him and have told my daughter to ask him to respect our beliefs, but he keeps it up.

Robertson’s response was to take the child out to the “woodshed” and beat him until he “understands the blessings of discipline.” Going off of this brief email, and knowing absolutely nothing about the boy’s home life, Robertson made this statement:

‘He needs a strong male figure. He’s going to wind up in a correctional institution, and the next thing you know, he’s going to be doing hard time in some prison. And then he would wish he wasn’t such a smart, you know, wise guy. Because he’ll be disciplined in a way that he’ll never forget in some prison.

So, by his logic, people who question religious beliefs are headed straight to prison. He made the assumption that the boy has no father-figure in his life, which is impossible to glean from the short email. We don’t even know the grandson’s age.

Now, on the supposed marijuana use. Instead of jumping right to beatings, a reasonable person would recommend, oh I don’t know, maybe talking to the kid about it first. Not Robertson though, violence appears to be his go-to solution.

Watch the video below:


H/T RawStory | Image: Video Screenshot

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