Pastor Threatens To Rape Liberal Blogger, Calls Her ‘The Dumbest Liberal C**t’

Claire Van Fossen, a Wisconsin blogger, was shocked when she received rape threats after she wrote a column about how society would be better off without law enforcement. The liberal blogger posted her piece last week on the Journal Sentinel’s The Collective website:

Whether we call them because of a dispute between neighbors or a robbery, a shooting or sexual violence, the police rarely meet our needs,” Van Fossen. “Rather than serve as advocates for true justice, they use their nearly limitless power to reinforce the oppressive status quo. They threaten us with violence and incarceration and target the most oppressed and vulnerable people in our society.”

“By targeting low-income individuals and people of color, the police maintain a racial and economic system of social stratification that is profitable and beneficial only for the ruling class,” she asserted. “And unlike basically every other institution in our country, they do this while safely insulated from competition, market feedback, the price mechanism, and the profit-loss system.

Van Fossen, whose blog headline titled, “A just and free world means a world without police,” received an email on Monday from someone named “Dave Wendt” who slammed Van Fossen’s column with threatening  rape rhetoric:

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OMG, you have to be the dumbest f*cking liberal c*nt I’ve heard yet,” the email said. “Get off the drugs, and go check yourself into rehab. LOL.”

“Or better yet, you’re pretty hot,” the letter continued. “So how about if I come over and rape you with a few of my friends. WHEW! At least I won’t have to worry about you calling the police.

In a tweet, Van Fossen attached the disturbing email and many Twitter users speculated that the email was written by Pastor David Wendt of  First Evangelical Lutheran Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Van Fossen’s twitter account has now been set to “protected.”

Referring to his Facebook, Wendt’s page features the pro-law enforcement slogan “police lives matter,” support for gun rights, and even had numerous criticism for President Barack Obama. The Lutheran Church that the pastor’s wife’s name matched a name on the email address that was sent to Van Fossen according to records from RawStory. The church refused to make any statements about the allegations.

In an interview with RawStory, Van Fossen said that the email address was indeed from Dave Wendt’s account, but the church pastor denied that he was one who sent the message. As reported by the La Cross TribuneOnalaska Police Chief Jeff Trotnic ordered Wendt to bring his  computer to officials for a forensic analysis. After the pastor presented the evidence, he resigned from his post at First Evangelical Lutheran Church on Tuesday afternoon. Officials also forced the Journal Sentinel to take down Van Fossen’s blog post for safety concerns.

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