Neo Nazis Feel Whites Are ‘Under Siege’ & ‘Facing Extinction’ (VIDEO)

After nine Black lives were taken at a South Carolina Church during a Bible study, seven other churches that are predominantly attended by African Americans were burned with very little coverage in the American media.

Channel 4 News, based out of the UK, did an exposé on the subject featuring one of the burned churches (College Hills Seventh Day Adventist Church)–and a Neo Nazi group (NSM) that describe themselves as a “White Civil Rights Organization”–both located in Tennessee.

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Tennesse Neo Nazis

Channel 4 interviews Mike Sherer and Brian Culpepper of the local Neo Nazi group who feel that White people are “under siege” and “facing extinction” and they proudly boast that since the taking of the Black lives in the Charleston, South Caroling church that membership in their groups are on the rise.

Whites are getting fed up. Whites are getting tired of being disenfranchised and neglected–if not discriminated against by our own government.

When asked if they were angry that a Black man was their President, their response was frightening:

Absolutely, absolutely. We’re a White nation–founded by and for the White man.

Mike’s “garden” is where local NSM members “train” (read: learn to shoot at Black people). Brian Culpepper claimed that White people are being “systematically and deliberately replaced.” (Never mind that approximately 78% of Americans identify as “White alone” according to the US Census Bureau.) When asked if he considered himself a racist, he responded with:

I’m a racist. I certainly am. Extremist? That remains to be seen.

WATCH the entire interview here:




Featured image is a screen capture from the video above.

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