Mother Who Chose To Give Up Son With Down Syndrome Speaks Out

Ruzan Badalyan’s choice to give up her son Leo, who was born with Down Syndrome, has come under rash judgment after her husband shared the family’s story with ABC News.

She posted her heart-wrenching reasoning on her Facebook page, which is reminiscent of Sophie’s Choice.

She says:

I had to make the most ruthless decision in my life within several hours.

She continues:

Thus, I spent the hours after Leo’s birth trying to collect my will and decide on the best destiny for the kid. Everyone in our family realised that the baby’s interests should be placed first and only his move to another country could remedy the situation, something that Sam himself also accepted.

She concluded her post saying:

As a mother who has faced this severe situation, being in the hospital under stress and depression, experiencing enormous pressure from every side, not finding any support from my husband’s part on any possibilities of giving a child decent life in Armenia, I faced two options: to take care of the child on my own in Armenia, or to abandon my maternal instincts and extend the baby an opportunity to enjoy a decent life with his father in New Zealand. I went for the second option.

The newborn’s father has raised over $450,000 via GoFundMe to not only assist with his expenses to move back to his home country of New Zealand and raise his son, but also to fund programs for special needs children in Armenia.

You can read Badalyan’s entire message below.

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