Michelle Obama Just Produced A Record To Support Education For Girls, And It Is AWESOME (AUDIO)

Are we going to miss the Obamas when they are gone or what? A few days ago, President Obama showed off his musical talents in a rose garden performance with Lin-Manuel Miranda, star of the Broadway musical Hamilton. Not to be outdone by her hubby, Michelle Obama has now released her latest project: a single called “This Is For My Girls.”

The new song, which was released for radio play on March 15, is a collaboration among a group of female songwriters and performers. The entire project was by, for and about women. Taking part in it were Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott, Kelly Rowland, Janelle Monae, Lea Michele, Zendaya, Jadagrace and Chloe & Halle.

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Songwriter Diane Warren worked with Mrs. Obama on the song, which was debuted at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Warren told Billboard that the results of the collaboration were amazing.

It’s kind of like ‘We Are the World’ meets ‘Lady Marmalade’ with these strong voices and strong women. When was the last time you heard a song like this or a record that had this many amazing divas on it? I’m really proud.

The song will be on sale on iTunes, and proceeds will go to benefit the Peace Corps’ “Let Girls Learn” campaign that the White House is promoting. That campaign is intended to help some 62 million girls around the world who do not have access to education.

Michelle Obama delivers the keynote address at South By Southwest, where she will appear with Warren and Missy Elliott. They will be talking about the #62MillionGirls campaign.

We have known for years that Barack and Michelle Obama are some of the most humane people to ever occupy the White House, and this song project proves once again just how wonderful they are. The American right, Republicans, and various racists and haters may not miss them come next January, but much of America, and much of the world certainly will.

Listen to a preview of “This Is For My Girls”:

Featured image via Simon Davis/DFID/Flickr

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